Patient Testimonials

h-braces3Name: Stacey

Testimonial: I would definitely recommend Dr. Renger to my friends his assistant talked with us first and then the Dr. gave us recommendations on what we could do first before he takes action. There was no charge that is rare indeed and he gave the kids a treat before leaving. I felt like he cared about helping us and not just wanting our money. This Dr. staff and office is a true find and I would definitely go to him again and recommend.

Name:  Falon

Testimonial: Dr. Renger and his staff were amazing! I cannot say enough GOOD things about him and my wonderful experience. I always looked forward to every appointment I had while being treated. Every time I smile, I am reminded of what a wonderful job Dr. Renger and his staff did to create such perfect teeth! I was truly blessed in having Dr. Renger as my orthodontist. I will continue to refer my friends and family to Dr. Renger because he is definitely #1 in my book!

Name:  Brittany

Testimonial: Dr. Renger and his staff are a FANTASTIC group of people! I have been seeing him since I was 11 years-old and had what I called a "train derailment" mouth. Major crowding, one buck tooth, and a major overbite. After 2 1/2 years of braces my teeth look great! I highly recommend Dr. Renger's office because I have shown friends before and after pictures of my teeth and they are AMAZED at the difference. Thank you Dr. Renger and to your staff!

Name:  Mary

Testimonial: This is the 2nd time to use your services and we are very happy with the high quality of care we receive from your office and staff.

Name:  Ashten

Testimonial: I was so blessed to have Dr. Renger as my orthodontist. I regularly receive compliments on my smile and teeth as so do many of my friends who also went to Dr. Renger. He doesn't just straighten your teeth he perfects them, so matter how long it takes he's going to make sure your teeth are perfect not just do what is easy and fast. Thank you Dr. Renger for my smile. =)

Name: Sheryl

Testimonial: I am 38 years old now. When I was 13, Dr. Renger changed my life!! I looked forward to every visit with Dr. Renger and his awesome staff! Because of his infinite expertise and wisdom, I was able to get married to the man of my dreams with the confidence to smile...knowing my teeth were straight! Dr. Renger was able to do it without extracting any of my permanent teeth. That's the way he rolls---he doesn't just do what's easy. He takes the time to try to find what's best! Thank you Dr. Renger...I will ALWAYS be indebted to you. You are simply fabulous! And still working miracles for people in 2011!!!

Name:  Ann

Testimonial: I wish I had more teeth to be fixed!!! We love you guys!!!!!!

Name:  Amy

Testimonial: Dr. Renger and staff -- you all are amazing! We feel so blessed to have been referred to such a talented group for the care of our children's teeth. Thank you so much!

Name:  Alice

Testimonial: We could not have chosen a better orthodontist. All his support from assistants to receptionists are wonderful as well. It is great to go to a practice as warm, friendly, and competent as Dr. Renger's practice is, and we often speak highly of our orthodontic experience to others.

Name:  Jessica

Testimonial: We are very pleased with the orthodontic care our son is receiving and the care our older received when she had her braces.

Name:  Ricardo

Testimonial: I have been attending for over 7 months and each time I'm there everyone is a bundle of joy. The happiness that Dr. Renger radiates is enough to brighten this patient's day. The service is excellent in every way, I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Name:  Marita

Testimonial: Our boys always look forward to go there for their appointments. You are all very nice and friendly. I always recommend you if someone ask me for a good orthodontist.

Name:  Melanie

Testimonial: Your office is so family friendly. Thanks so much. I even love that you have magazines that are more than shallow fluff, such as National Geographic. Way to go!

Name:  Kim

Testimonial: The nicest staff, Dr. Renger is so wonderful with the kids, and we never wait more than 5 minutes. We are in and out in less than 30 minutes for each appointment.

Name:  Jodi

Testimonial: We already have referred friends to you. My daughter's teeth and overall profile look wonderful due to your work. She is no longer embarrassed to smile thanks to you.

Name:  Aniston

Testimonial: U guys rock!!! I can now look at my teeth without feeling ashamed!!! ;D Thanks a million!!!

Name:  Angie

Testimonial: Very happy!!!! Thank you all for making this treatment wonderful for us!!!

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