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"My family has been with Dr. Renger for nearly 6 years and I’ve never had a doctor care more about the entire family than he has. His staff is kind and gentle (but firm because braces are hard). No child/teen/adult ‘likes’ going to any type of doctor,  yet our WHOLE family has truly enjoyed going for check-ups, visiting with staff, and knowing he is great and knowledgeable in every step of the orthodontics process." - Frankie

  • Quality of work- 5 Stars
  • Price-5 Stars
  • Wait- 5 Stars
  • Other: 

"Dr. Renger is down to earth and his staff are professional, nice, and always smiling. My daughter loves coming here, she feels comfortable and her teeth are looking great!! Please continue to be a blessing and continue to give people the beautiful smiles they deserve." - Tresa

"I cannot put into words what Dr. Renger has meant to my life. When I was a teenager, I begged my parents for braces, it took a while to convince them, but I eventually did. My grandfather in Kingwood, who knew nothing about orthodontists, found Dr. Renger for me. Our going theory is that he must've gotten Dr. Renger's name from one of his golf buddies. Haha! 

Well, this was one of the best things to ever happen to me. Over the course of approximately one and a half years, at age 14, Dr. Renger changed my life. Every visit was a pleasure...like visiting family. He never caused me any pain whatsoever, and I left his office feeling great about myself EVERY SINGLE TIME. My confidence literally did a 180.
Fast forward about 20 years...Dr. Renger put braces on my oldest daughter. Fast forward 15 more years, Dr. Renger is now putting braces on my 2nd daughter. I wouldn't think of going to anyone else. It feels great to have so much trust in someone. When I visit Dr. Renger's office, I still get excited even after 35 years...and I still feel happy when I leave his office. Can you imagine the strength of the positive conditioning that had to have happened for this feeling to be so pronounced after all this time? And he even still remembers what instrument I played in the band! Unbelievable!

I will finish this review by stating not only what an amazing human being Dr. Renger obviously is, but what a consummate professional he is. Even after 35 years, when I bring my children in for visits, he still treats ME like his ongoing patient...asking to see my teeth, checking my retainer and tightening it for me when needed, etc. I feel like I am perpetually in follow-up treatment with him. He cares deeply about the quality of his work!!!   I have to say that Dr. Renger has been, and will always be, one of the most important people in my life. I just love him AND the amazing people he always surrounds himself with." - Samarah

"Dr. Renger and all the ladies in the office are great they are so friendly and sweet and make you feel so comfortable I would definitely recommend coming here!!" - Jayanna

"We LOVE Dr. Renger!!!  He is such a caring, funny, and sweet man!  His office staff is awesome, too!  So glad we found him for ortho needs!" - Monica

"It actually makes my day to visit Dr. Renger and his staff! I look forward to it, they are so friendly and caring! You are so much more than "just a patient" to them. The work he does is amazing. I am not through yet but I can't believe the change I already see is actually real. I would recommend him to anyone!" - Alyson


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